Friday, June 15, 2007

The Zoo Crew

Today, Amy, Jill & I took the girls to the Zoo. It was a hot day, so not many of the animals were out, but nonetheless, it was nice to be out with all of the girls! Here the three amigos pose next to the zebras.
Next stop...the petting zoo. The girls got to get down and touch the goats. Yum, didn't they smell great?
Sophia gets up-close-and-personal with a goat.
No, Libby, that is not a "dog"....but nice try.
We all pose next to the turtles.
We decided to put on the girls' suits and try out the new water park. It has a whole section just set up for toddlers, so the girls really fit in. It also has the holes that squirt water....which was Libby's favorite part. Kayla was not so sure about the water park...and even explored the "big kid" side.
Loving the water splash in her face! After we all grabbed a quick bite to eat, we took the train back to the gait and decided to call it a day. JP & Jill are going to see Mickey Mouse tomorrow in Florida and we were all getting a little tired!
The two little girls couldn't even make it out to the car before they decided to take a nap. What a fun day!!