Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can you hear me now?

There are a lot of exciting things that happen at the time of our little one's first birthday! She can drink cow's milk, eat table food, stop taking a bottle...and the one that Gary & I are most excited about...we can turn her car seat around! This weekend, we went ahead and forward faced her car seat (okay, so we were 6 days early!) and Libby loved it. She chatted on her phone the entire time from the Lodge.

Her new word is "...lo" (for hello) and "hi". She picks up the phone (and even remote controls) and holds it to her ear...."lo?" Her and Micky have an exciting conversation about facing forward and being able to look out in the Jeep!

I don't know who loves the forward facing more...Libby or us! We love to just turn around and see this!!!!!!


The Cissells said...

I wonder where she gets her love for gab?! The forward facing seat is the best.


I'm jealous, we had to wait until Kayla was in Kindergarten or at least it felt like it. She is too cute!