Sunday, July 15, 2007

Libby's first haircut!!

As most of you all know, Gary's mom owns her own beauty shop. Today, after we got home from the lake, we decided to stop by so I could get my hair done and so Gary could get his trimmed. We had discussed earlier that Libby's bangs were starting to look pretty uneven and that maybe if we trimmed her hair, it would grow faster (everyone always says this, even though I sure don't understand it!). Libby did pretty good thru her haircut. The cape had to go...but once we took it off, she sat pretty still and was busy fixing daddy's hair with the comb. I held her while Mimi cut her bangs...which was quite a task (you cannot reason with a 1 year old when scissors are coming at her head!!). Anyhow, things went great and we were glad to get Libby's first haircut before her birthday parties next weekend.


The Cissells said...

What a beauty queen!

Shannon said...

That slide is the neatest! It almost looks like the people just suddenly appear in them. She is such a doll!