Saturday, July 7, 2007

The "Senior" Olympics

Our weekend also consisted of a bunch of old people competing with each other any chance we could get...above, the golf cart drag race (JP took gold, Gary took silver in this event).

Shannon & Shawn take a spin on our golf cart.

Just because he is a golf pro, doesn't mean he is a tree golf pro. Kevin held his own, though! These dorks can turn anything into a competition. They even raced putting up tents. Gary won by a landslide, however his tent looked tiny next to Goobs 3 room mansion.

Ever wonder what you get if you add ice, sugar, lemons, limes and tequila and shake it up? It's called "Wa-Pa-Touey". This stuff was awesome! Chad took his turn shaking it up.

While Sarah took her turn drinking it down! We had a great weekend...thanks guys, for coming!!



Glad we could make it, it was fun. Although I was really looking forward to seeing the looks on Gary and JP's face at the finish line!