Saturday, September 29, 2007

Go Keaton!

This morning, we bundled up and headed out to watch Keaton play tackle football. Libby enjoyed being passed around in the bleachers. Here she snuggles with Uncle Chris.
Keaton is #28. He looks so big in his pads & gear!
She loved playing with the triplets! Thank you, Ashlyn, Brooklyn & Carson for sharing your toys with Libby!
Here, Carson & Libby check out the cheerleaders. Libby has already decided that she wants to cheer when she is bigger...and Carson, well, let's just say he has already decided that cheerleaders are fun for boys to watch!
How sweet is that? How in the world does Joni do it with three 3-year-olds? I'll never know!


The Cissells said...

Libby Grace looks like such a big girl. I love the outfit.