Saturday, September 29, 2007

Madison's Chautauqua Art Festival

Today, after the game...Betsy, Gary, Libby & I haded off to Madison for the Chautaqua Art Festival along the Ohio River. There were so many craft booths (many were out of my price range) and tons of food booths! Here, Libby checks out an old rail car.

Along the town of Madison, there were tons of cute shops. Gary & I found one that converted the basement to a "nature walk"....complete with animals, trees, a creek and a nice path in the cool air conditioner! Libby loved to get out of her stroller for a while and stretch her legs! I am not sure why I didn't take many photos today at Madison. It was such a beautiful day and Libby was on her best behavior and loved the "people watching". Mimi even got her a handmade wooden puzzle that has her name on it for being such a good girl!

The beautiful Lanier Mansion in downtown Madison. What a cute, quaint town!


The Cissells said...

Looks like a great time!


I thought you all were going to take it easy and stare at each other this weekend? Looks like you do a lot of things! It was a great weekend weatherwise for it.