Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Future Olympic Champions

Tonight was Libby & Sophia's first gymnastic class at SIGS Sports complex. They are in a 15-22 Month class that is designed to help with simple motor skills as well as be an introduction to tumbling. Libby & Sophia did great considering they were the youngest in their class.Here is our class, which consists of all girls and 3 boys. Most of the older kids have some sort of "tumbling" experience, but our teacher, Ms. Kelly, was very encouraging to us.
Libby taking her turn on the "balance beam". This was by far her favorite thing to do! At first, she wasn't too sure about the rocky thing, but once she gained more trust in her Mommy & Daddy, she began to enjoy it.
As you can see, Sophia enjoyed it from the get-go.
Our little monkey did great crawling over this thing. This is where having a slide in the living room came in handy. She got to the top each time and began "One...Two....Weee".
We couldn't get over how great Sophia did on the trampoline and on the hanging bars (I am sure they have a "real" name, but we didn't learn them this class!)
After class, we all went to dinner. Here, Libby & Sophia discuss what they learned tonight. Libby is sporting her much-needed rain coat!


The Cissells said...

Wow. That class was quite a workout. I wasn't expecting that. I am going to have to strengthen up the old back if I am going to keep up with the monkeys.


After our first class we decided we got more of a workout then the kids! Libby looks great in the leotard glad we could help you out!

The Aguilars said...

I have been waiting for these pictures! Looks like the girls had a lot of fun. I will be looking for them at the Olympics in 2020!

thebanetfamily said...

Yes, Jill, the leotard fit her great! Thanks so much!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Looked like lots of fun. Gabi had a raincoat almost exactly like that one when she was smaller.