Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Zoo Crew

This afternoon, we decided to enjoy the beautiful day with some of our friends at the "Largest Halloween Party in the World". I always used to laugh when I heard that, but geeze, there really were a ton a people at this Halloween party at the Louisville Zoo! Now, I wouldn't doubt it that it is, indeed, the largest party in the world! We got some candy, got to see some characters and enjoy the perfect weather!

The zoo had lots of special guests such as the cast from the Wizard of Oz, the Flintstones and many other Disney folks, such as Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and Snow White. We thought it would be so cute to have Sophia's picture taken with a 'big' Tinkerbell, but she was not so sure. Libby just wanted to run from Snow White and Prince Charming!

The Banet Family!
Allie, the Lady Bug, chillin' in her wagon!

Daddy enjoyed getting the candy more than Libby did! We did let Libby have a sucker, though! Our own Disney princesses! Sophia as Tinkerbell, Libby as Minnie Mouse and Kayla as Belle! I tried to bribe Allie (with cash!) to be in the photo, but she didn't take me up on it!

Sophia relaxing, enjoying her first taste of a sucker! After the zoo, we all went out for a yummy dinner before heading home. It was so nice to get together!


The Aguilars said...

The girls are beautiful! What a fun afternoon!

The Cissells said...

We had a lot of fun. Cory is still talking about his religious experience with his cheeseburger!