Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mother of the Year

Today, Amy & I took the girls and hit a few yard sales. We founds a few cute outfits and some toys (like they need them!!). I had been looking for a toddler bed for the lake and found one for just $25! After I purchased it, it occurred to me that we might not be able to fit it into my car with the two girls! After about 30 minutes of arranging and rearranging, we decided to turn it upside down and ride with it over Libby's head for the few miles to Amy's house. I am sure that this will earn me some sort of Mother of the Year award!!
Just so you know, I drove really slow and we only had a few miles to go to Amy's house!!
We made it up to the girls by treating them to McDonald's. They loved their toy that they got in their Happy Meal!


The Cissells said...

We had a great time. So happy you found a vanity.


Yep you are the winner of Mother of the year this week!