Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nonna & Pop's New Camp

For many years now, my parents have had a camp down at Patoka Lake in an RV resort called Wildridge. Growing up, this was the absolute coolest place--lots of kids our age, scooters to ride around on, a playground, pool and lots of memories for me. Gary, Libby and I took advantage of the pretty day to drive down and see the progress that Mom and Dad had made on their camp over the winter. They have completely redone the place, pulling out the camper all together and turning it into a house. It looks awesome! For whatever reason, I really didn't get my camera out...but did manage to snap this picture of Libby looking at the new porch.
After driving around and looking at a lot of the other camps and having lunch at the Pit Stop, we headed home. We had not even got back onto the main road when Libby sacked out. Ahh, who can resist a sleeping baby in a car? How sweet!


The Cissells said...

What a cute outfit.