Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharing her love (and cereal)

Killians waits patiently for a piece of ceral to fall out of Libby's bowl.

Libby is really getting into "not sharing" with her brothers. She loves to have them around, but the moment either Killians or Tucker makes a move for something she has (ie: food, a stuffed animal, daddy's attention...) she gets so upset...shakes her finger at them and says, "No, No". I caught a little bit of one of her disciplining sessions on tape. At the end, Gary tells Killians to "Sit" and you'll notice that Libby sits down, too. Boy, do we have her trained well or what?? Also, after she kissed Killians, she ran off to kiss Tucker, too. She's all about sharing her love evenly.

And she finally gives in and shares a bite of her Fruity Pebbles.


The Rougeux's said...

Can we send Dusty over to "Gary's Obedience School?"

thebanetfamily said...

Ha Ha! Great Comment, Amy! Dusty is welcome anytime!

The Cissells said...

That "no-no" is right out of Sophia's book. She does the same thing to Chloe. She also tries to say bad-bad which comes out "ba-ba". What weird kids.