Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Libby playing with her two Valentine's presents...a "FridgePhonics" ABC thing her and a "Hug Me" teddy bear. She loves to push the button that makes the toy sing the ABC's. She dances and sings along..."A, D, E, E...." She gets the idea, at least. Mommy & Libby take a Valentine's self-portrait.
Papa Murphy's can keep their heart shaped pizzas! This year we opted for our favorite square Arni's pizza! Oh how times have changed... A few years ago, Gary and I would have voted on a quiet romantic dinner to celebrate Valentine's day. Now we both enjoy a hectic pizza dinner with cheese-covered Libby!


The Cissells said...

Happy Valentine's Day Libby. Oh, how times have changed.