Saturday, March 15, 2008

Angie Banet, Come on Down!

Alright, time for a little "Blast from the Past"! After mentioning in the last post about my "2-minutes-of-fame" that I experienced, I thought I'd take a moment to fill some of you in that have not heard the story (I know, groans from the crowd that have heard this story a million times). The story goes like this:
In April 2003, the IUS nursing class was asked to attend the Student Nurses' Association National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Once we arrived 7 of us crammed in 2 cars (skipping the first few days of the convention) and went on a road trip to LA to try to get to see a taping of "The Price is Right". We woke up very early to begin waiting in line. These people were crazy! Singing, dancing...doing all sorts of things to entertain themselves. After about 3 or 4 hours in line, we decided that aside from our "Indiana Nurses Love Bob" shirts, we were going to have to do something else to make ourselves stand out. We made up some stupid songs and even tried to sing it to the producer in our interview. Finally, after spending literally all day in line, the big moment came...we were allowed to enter the studio and take our seats on the 9th row. During the first segment, we watched in anticipation as contestants played to win appliances, scooters and cars. Between each segment, Bob Barker would walk out and talk to the audience. We introduced ourselves as the "nurses from Indiana".
As the show began to come to an end, the announcer, Rod Roddey announced the next contestant..."Angie Banet, Come on Down!". After missing the first item up for bid (that chic got to play Pinko!), I correctly guessed the price of a pool table, stating "$1300 Bob". I won an extra $500 for guessing the price exactly!
The pool table that I won is in Baltimore at my brother's house. At the time...we lived in a small house with no room for the thing, and then when we moved, our new house had one, so Philip got to keep it, with the understanding that when I want it back, I can have it.
Here I am after I kissed Bob. I had the $500 in my hand that he just gave me for guessing correctly!I got to play a game called "Cover Up" for the change to win a Dodge Intrepid. Looking to my friends in the audience didn't help. I still lost by 2 numbers...but was hopeful that my luck would change when I got to spin the big wheel.

On my first spin (man that thing was heavy!) I landed on $.85. The other lady in yellow also got $.85, so I was hoping for a good spin-off!

Thumbs up to my friends hoping for a good spin-off, however the chic that got to play Plinko got $1.

Bob was just as disappointed as I was, but I still got $374.00 (after taxes!) and a pool table out of the deal.


The Cissells said...

How did you get those pictures? I could watch that video over and over and over again and never get tired of hearing you say "Bob". What about you, Gary? Wanna watch it again?