Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Birthday Dinner

Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who has not had to hear me whine about turning 30 this week. I don't know why this one has bothered me, but it just has. To celebrate my upcoming birthday, we went to Kobe's Steakhouse with a few close friends. Here my dear husband poses with my pineapple birthday boat.
For an appetizer, Gary & I had sushi. As you know, it comes served with Wesabi on the side...a crazy hot sauce some people use. Gary bet Jill that she could not mix the sauce in her soup and eat the whole thing. If she did, he vowed to buy all of her beer for the night. Here, she poses with her empty bowl (Jill will do just about anything for free beer!)
Sarah (sporting her new super cute haircut) and Shawn.
The Cissells, Amy & Cory.
The Mains, Goober & Shannon...I think this is going to be next year's Christmas photo (we'll Photo Shop in Allie).
The Sengs, Jill & JP Our chef was pretty good. I love the volcano!
Shawn shows off his skills behind the counter. Man, I think he missed his calling in life!
After our awesome dinner, we headed to The Chicken House, a local bar/restaurant to hear the band. They were not so great and too loud. A terrible combination for a small bar. At the bar, Gary continued to buy Jill beer. He finally got smart and bought us "Falls City".
Shawn & Amy pose for a quick photo.
Thanks, you all, for joining me for my 30th birthday! I look forward to many more birthday with you guys by my side!



Happy Birthday Angie!