Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wheaties Box, here she comes

Where has the week gone? It was already Tuesday again, time for Libby's Gymnastics! After a fun-filled day for my birthday (complete with lunch, 3 cakes, lots of special cards, gifts and calls from family & friends and a flower that Libby planted me!) we headed to Gymnastics!
She loves to walk on the balance beam and does really well doing it! Sometimes she gets too excited and goes too fast, loosing her footing...but for the most part, she has it down. Look out Mary Lou Redden, there's a new gymnast in town!
Spider crawl on the latter.
Here, Libby was supposed to be getting a block with a certain color showing, even though it looks like she is trying to poop.
Miss Kelly was Libby's instructor last session, too. Since she was the youngest then (and now, I think) Miss Kelly really seems to help her learn her skills. Here she is holding onto this bar thing, and Miss Kelly is helping her do a hand stand.
Here, Libby and her classmates wait to hear what Miss Kelly tells them to do next. This is the part of the night where the kids sit on one side with her and the parents sit on the other side of the room. They clap their hands, legs, etc and then when she says "go" they race to us. Libby laughs the entire time she is running. Look at how well Libby is paying attention to what Miss Kelly says.
Now that the "Good-bye" song is over, the kids sit on the white line and wait for their stamps. Libby thinks that they are taking too long.


The Cissells said...

Libby looks like she is doing a great job. And she looks like a real professional in that outfit. What a cutie. And what can I say about the Wheaties box??? It may be your best yet. You should quit your day job and manage other people's blogs. You are a great graphic designer.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy belated birthday, and that Wheaties box is too much! LOL!