Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Thunder Rolls

This year we decided to pass on the cold weather and crowds and spend the evening with friends. Shannon & Goob hooked up their kick butt surround sound to their huge projection TV. It was like we were there! Goob even got a blanket and huddled on the floor (and when Gary and I left, he drove very slow!!)
The girls played so great together! My camera died after a few pictures, but here they are doing their running races. They always gave Libby a head start. Libby is considering a career in the marching band.
Visit Jill's website at to see all sorts of other cute photos of the girls! They loved climbing up and down on the chair...they were joined at the hip! Libby was crazy during the fireworks show. She was dancing, clapping and snapping the entire time. She had us in stitches!