Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sister Act

Last Saturday, we spent the beautiful day driving to Indy to go to my cousin, Daniel's wedding. The wedding, that took place at a fancy country club in Carmel, IN, was beautiful, but had to have been the longest wedding I had ever been to. The above picture is dark, but it is of my mom and her sisters. My mom is one of 12 children. Her youngest sister, my aunt Patty, passed away a few years ago, but above (from left to right) my Mom, Jeanne (whose daughter, Kristin, is getting married in a month), Nancy (whose daughter is Shena who, as you know, is getting married in November), Kathy (whose son was Daniel) and Judy (whose daughter, Ashley, is getting married in 3 weeks). Lets just say that I have considered getting a second job at Bed, Bath and Beyond so I could get an employee discount for all of these weddings!