Sunday, October 5, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

As most of you know (and have heard us talk about for weeks), 6 of us headed to the Windy City this weekend to see The New Kids On The Block in concert! We left Friday while all of the kids were at gymnastics and drove up to Indy. Here we are at our Indy hotel, minus Jessica, who came shortly after this shot was taken. You will note that I have on my vintage 1989 The New Kids On The Block T-shirt! It's amazing that I kept it all these years! Me and, I loved that shirt!
Saturday morning, we got up and drove into Chicago. We wanted to get some Chicago shopping done before the concert, so we took (what was supposed to be a 45 minute) the "L" to downtown. Sarah, Amy & Jessica on the "Blue Line" Train. Me, Joni & Jill. A portion of the train was closed down, so we had to hop a bus and then get on 2 more trains before we made it downtown. What an adventure! Common' ride the train (hey ride it)....
Jessica & Amy wait for our Blue Line Train. Jessica was such a hoot this weekend! She kept us all entertained with her dancing and singing.
Sarah, Jill and Joni outside of Macy's on the Miracle Mile. We thought for sure we'd run into Oprah...we were a little disappointed.
Me, Joni & Sarah waiting for our train. The gang on the Miracle Mile...we Shopped until we dropped....
It was such a beautiful day!! Check out that blue sky!
After our long trip, we had to eat some "Chicago Pizza" and get ready for the concert.....we had a few drinks, too.Joni & I were beginning to practice for the upcoming Beer Olympics. I am going to be a gold metal winner!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I seen New Kids on the Block in 1989 during Grad Night at Disney World! It was awesome!