Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Old Kids see The New Kids!

Amy, Jessica, Joni, Jill, Sarah and I getting ready to leave our hotel in Chicago to see the New Kids on The Block!
Here we are at the bar, before we walked to the Allstate-USA-Patriotic Stadium.
Another group shot--showing off the back of our shirts!
Amy helping Jessica fix her side pony-tail before leaving.
Our shirts were the hit of the concert! Tons of people commented on how awesome they were. The front said, "Hangin' Tough Through the Years...Girls weekend 2008". The back (as you can see from Amy's pose) had the original "I'll be loving you (Forever)" cover picture on it! We couldn't get over how many people wore "vintage" NKOTB gear (buttons and old Joey T-Shirts). Finishing up before leaving the bar.
Before we went in.... Me and Amy (and the Baby Cissell).
Me and Jill
The concert so much fun! We had great seats (thanks, Jill) and were surrounded by a ton of other 30'ish girls who screamed, knew the moves to the dances and knew every word to each song, just as we did! Joni and I hid our cameras in our undergarments to get it into the stadium, so stay tuned to my blog later in the week when I have time to steal boot-legged video and pictures from her!
Some thing never change...the New Kids are still hot as ever!
Joni & Jill (and Sarah & Amy in the background). Hangin' Tough!
Our group dancing the "The Right Stuff". It was so great to feel young again and re-live a few moments from our pre-teen years. We later discussed how lucky we are to live the awesome lives that we live right now, but also how blessed we were to share such an amazing "girl's weekend" together! Thanks girls, I love you all!



What a blast! So glad to have you all as BFFs.

The Cissells said...

I had a good time. Baby Cissell became a lot more active this weekend especially at the concert. We may have a fan on our hands.