Saturday, September 27, 2008

Girls just want to have fun...

Last night was Shena's bachelorette party!
It was such a great night--here's the play-by-play: About 15 of Shena's friends met up at my house for some pre-party action. We had martinis, Jell-O shots, lots of mixed drinks and dinner while we were waiting for the party bus to arrive.
At the last minute, the party bus that I rented weeks ago, fell though--leaving us with no transportation just hours before the party. I made some calls and got another (and better) party bus! It was a 22 passenger ride complete with dancing pole, huge TV, disco ball, wet bars, you name it....
Our awesome bus!
All of the cool lights!
We all hoped on the bus and headed to our first (and turns out only) destination for the night--Bardstown road. On the way there, I announced my plan to Shena for the night. I bought a deck of "Bachelorette Party" cards that included dares for her to perform throughout the night. Since we were not going to let Shena pay for her drinks for the night, I decided that she had to earn them. Here she is with Terry, the good sport that was involved in the first dare...."Remove a guy's sock and keep it"....she did so, and earned a drink on me.
Then she had to kiss a guy that we picked out. This was so funny we were all crying by this time. Another drink.
Speaking of good sports, this guy's friends (girls from his office) bought a shot for Shena...with the only catch being she had to drink it from his lap. You may notice that he has something black on his pants...he was joking that he didn't want to spill it on his pants, so Shena put down Terry's sock (from dare #1) to catch any spills. Another drink.
These three guys were also great sports. Shena had to get someone to buy her "Sex on the Beach"--mission accomplished.
Pinch a guy's butt and tell him that it's hot (mission accomplished).
This dare, she had to get a guy from the bar to go out on the dance floor with her.
I lost count by this time....I don't even remember what this dare was...but I am sure it was funny!
This was my favorite! Shena had to find a guy 20 years (or more) older than her and ask him to dance. This guy was such a good sport and boogied down for the entire song! I think he was really enjoying it!Shena had to kiss the hottest guy in the room (determined by us) to earn her next drink. We decided that he was not that hot, but that if she showed the card to the DJ that he might play whatever we worked, too! He played Living on a Prayer, Just like a Prayer, Dancing Queen, Soulja Boy--and whatever else we requested (no, Jill, no NKOTB--we are saving that for next weekend).
Me and Shena
Dancin' Queen!
We had such a great time!
Congradulations, Shena & Gibby!



I had a great time, glad I decided to go! Thanks for inviting me.