Saturday, November 1, 2008

Having a Field Day

Today we took advantage of the beautiful day and went down to JP's dad's field to ride our go-carts. Here, Libby & Kayla strike a pose. Turns out, they were really auditioning for a White Snake video--sitting on the hood of Kayla's car!
Libby in her Jeep. She loves that thing--she's just not too good at the steering, yet.Neither is Goober! Here is a shot taken just a second before Goob lost control of his cart and slammed into Gary's. Luckily all that was hurt was Gary's rim.This is where we spent our afternoon....note the outhouse on the left! We had such a great time! It was such an amazingly warm day for November! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Goober!

Ally driving Kayla and Libby around in Kayla's princess car.