Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night, Gary and I left work a little early so we could get our little princess ready for Trick-or-Treating! As we have for the last 3 years, we went out to Ray and Betsy's house for dinner and then took Libby Grace Trick-or-Treating around in The Oaks. Nonna & Pop came out for the evening, as well. It was so nice for Libby that she got to spend the night with all of her grandparents. Momma and her Princess LibbyPop with his Libby Grace. We thought that Pop looked like a Prince with Libby's crown on.The Princess' chariot
Blast from the past---Libby Grace (as Minnie Mouse) last year. It's amazing what a difference a year makes!

Libby looks so upset in this picture. I would be too if I walked all of the way up the driveway to a house that just gave her a Fun-Size Snickers bar!