Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice and Wind and Snow....Oh my!

The winter storm hit us hard, leaving us without power, with many down trees and limbs and with a mess to clean up! I hate to admit it, but the ice and snow hanging from the tree limbs is a beautiful sight!
On Monday, we were hit with several inches of snow, and I spent a long day at the hospital trying to have crews pick up nurses, nursing support and physicians so we could try to run business as usual. After an exhausting day, I came home to watch the news. We had heard that we were expecting an ice storm, so I finally opted to head back into work about 11P.M. to spend the night. I knew that missing work was not an option for me, and new that with the hill and road that I live on, that making it downtown early the next morning might be impossible. I spent the night at work, but was up most of the night talking to staff, arranging rides, and simply trying my best to hold my part of the hospital together. Gary called about 6:00 AM to tell me that he heard a tree fall on the house and that he and Libby were going to the basement. Not long after, we discovered that our power was out, and other long day at the hospital awaited me.
We were so fortunate that Ray & Betsy had power, and spent Wednesday and Thursday night with them. Friday, while at work, we were thrilled to hear that our power was back on! We were really lucky to not have more damage than we did, looking at our property, the amount of trees on houses, cars and debris everywhere! Here is the limb-covered side of our house.
This is the other limb-covered side of the house.The trees down on and around our fence.All and all, we have a mess to clean up, but we were lucky. I am looking forward to actually getting to spend some time playing in the snow!