Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Bunnies

On Saturday, we headed to the Banet's hill with about 25 other people to go sledding. Libby was crazy about the snow! She threw snowballs, made snow angels, ate it (thanks to Uncle Shawn) and went down the hill many times.
Taking her turn on the bobsled.
No, she's not napping. She's making a snow angel.
Ally, Kayla and Libby making snow angels (they look like their mommies do after too many drinks).
JP broke his sled going down the big hill. You'll be glad to know that he didn't spill his beer when he wiped out.
Gary drinking a beer to stay warm. Sledding makes a girl hungry...for donuts and milk.
Libby mastered the "bunny slopes".
Sarah and I made about 10 trips up and down this treacherous hill. Here she is on one of her solo rides.
This was the funniest wipe-out of the day. We all got very comfortable going down tandem on a tube. In order to do so, we had to run and jump on it at the exact same time. This particular time, Gary and JP missed the tube when they jumped on it...leaving Gary face-first in the snow and JP like this.........hanging on for dear life. Lucky, their girls had more coordination then they do. Kayla and Libby show them how it's done. Lanie and Libby