Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night after dinner, Pat, Rikki, Brayden, Lilly, Sarah, Shawn, Justin, Jill, Kayla, Goober, Shannon, Ally & Gracie came over to play. Libby was thrilled about this group shot of Me, Rikki and Lilly, can't you tell? Sarah & new baby Gracie
It took the kids about 10 minutes to completely destroy the playroom! Here, Kayla, Ally, Brayden and Libby demonstrate how it's done.
Poor Rikki looks overwhelmed as she looks at the mess that the kids created. I think it's so funny that there is not a toy on the shelf below 3 feet.
Think of the all of money that Rikki is going to save on hair cuts, now that Brayden knows how to cut hair!

Pat teaching Brayden to shoot pool.