Sunday, January 4, 2009

Colts Eggroll Party

Philip and Amanda are heading back to Baltimore tomorrow, so we all went out to the Beanblossom's for one of our favorite meals--homemade egg rolls! Here, the girls all pose in their vests.
Lucia and Emeline
You all know how much I always talk about Libby loving to play with "Little People". Mom and Dad went though the basement and found a ton of Little People that Philip and I had growing up. This camper set was one of my favorites! This set has a picnic table, fire, grill and all of the needed camping supplies. Nonna got us mini-marshmallows and put them on pretzel sticks so we could roast them.
Libby enjoys her roasted marshmallow! Libby, Eme and Dolly take turns sharing the Little People. Mom and I finished rolling all of the egg rolls. Pop frying them out on the deck (it's a joint effort).
Me and the girls get ready for kick-off. Libby was so funny trying to cheer! Nonna taught her to kick her leg in the air when she cheered, "Go Colts!". Here, so was trying to hard to clap her hands over her head.
Really into the game....
Nonna with all of her grand babies.
Denise, Philip, Derek and Dolly
Tyler, Albin (Mark & Denise's exchange student), Libby and me. For those of you keeping track, yes, this was Libby's 3rd wardrobe change of the night.