Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day--we headed out to Ray and Betsy's house for lunch. I made a "Three Generations" Mac and Cheese, which was my mom's delicious recipe in my grandma's dish. It made me miss Grandma Hoehn so bad--She would have loved to get to meet Libby Grace!
Libby posing next to the tree. Let the records show that I didn't tell her to put her hand in her pocket...she did that herself. Very Senior picture pose, if you ask me!

Keaton, Carson and Libby Grace

After lunch, we headed to Mom and Dad's for dinner. We had a blast; eating and shooting guns. Libby and her daddy both enjoy their new guns. I am very disappointed that I didn't take any pictures of Libby with her Nonna or Pop on Mother's day. Sorry guys!