Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gary!

For Gary's birthday weekend, we headed down to the lake. Since this was the first trip we had had down all year, we spent most of Saturday working outside...pulling weeds, burning brush and laying mulch. Even though we worked our tails off, we had a good time (even if I got poison ivy!). Here, Libby and her cousins, Keaton and Carson take a second to pose outside of the "Lodge". We ate so much that we were just about sick at this time!

Wow--check out this blast from the past. This is Baby Libby last year at the Lodge....

Here is Big-Girl-Libby this year! I just love to look back and see how much she's grown in 1 year! So amazing!


Drew&Samsmom said...

They grow waay too fast!