Saturday, May 23, 2009

Time is "Zoo"ming by

With Gary out of town, I decided that it would be nice for Libby and I to have some quality "Mommy and Me" we headed to the zoo. Apparently, every other Mother/Daughter/Daddy/Son/Grandma/Grandpa/etc in the Metro Louisville area had the same idea. That place was packed!
Here, Libby takes a break on the elephant trunk.
Striking a pose!
She told me that "Seeing the elephant" was her favorite part of our trip.
Libby really wanted to ride the train, but just as I mentioned above, that place was packed! The line to the train was too I talked her into a Carousel ride instead. With no cash in hand, I had to dig out 6 quarters to get her aboard...but listening to her laugh made it worth every cent.
If you remember from last year, this is a turtle sculpture that one of Gary's partners, Mark, made and donated to the Louisville Zoo. Just like the title of this blog entry suggests, time is "Zoo"ming by. Look at this baby last year....
...and look at this little girl this year!