Saturday, July 4, 2009

May the 4th Be With You!

4th of July weekend, Shawn, Sarah, Justin, Gary, Libby and I headed down to the lake for a soggy weekend. We took full advantage of the warm and sunny weather on Friday and went out on the boat. The water was amazingly warm and it was not too crowded out on the lake, especially for a holiday weekend.
All of that swimming makes a gal hungry. She was double fisting pretzels and twizlers.This was the first year that we let Libby have sparklers (Daddy was a nervous wreck!) We spent most of the 4th under the lovely tarp-porch handcrafted by yours truly. Between rain showers we went on go-cart, 4-wheeler and golf-cart rides, ate, drank and laughed our butts off. We sure did miss having JP around, though....he is always good for a laugh (or someone to make fun of!)
J-Dog and Libby Grace on the 4-wheeler.
What a soggy, but fun long weekend!