Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Show us those pearly whites!

Today we took Libby Grace to the dentist for her first ever check-up. I had very low expectations, and actually told myself that if she sat in the chair and didn't scream that I'd be impressed! Luckily, we had been reading "Dora goes to the Dentist" for about a week, preparing for the big moment! Libby could even name some of the equiptment (like an "Explorer") that she learned from the book. It made it a lot less scary for her!
Our good friend, Rikki is the office manager of the office we went to. I think it helped that she saw a familiar face. Here she is getting geared up for the cleaning. Look how serious she is!Ready to open up and say "ahh".
These pictures turned out sort of dark because of the lighting, but nonetheless, it shows off how cooperative that Libby Grace was being. She has 10 teeth on the top and 10 on the bottom.
The dentist said that she wasn't worried about the thumb-sucking (but we are!). Libby told her that when she's three, next week, that she'll quit. I still say we might need a 12-step program!
They were so great with her--let her pick out tons of toys (thanks, Rikki!) and really made this a good first experience. If anyone wants information about this great pediatric dentist, let me know.