Sunday, August 9, 2009

First weekend on our new boat

As most of you know, Gary and I have been wanting a faster boat for a while. We finally found the perfect boat for us this week and was able to take it out this weekend. The name of this boat is still in negotiation ("Power of Attorney", "Law and Order" and "Trust Me" are currently our top 3 choices). Here we are just pulling away from the ramp.
Ahh...I love ice cream on a hot day!
Don't drip that on the new boat!
Me taking my turn as the captain. I was a little scared since I am not used to driving a boat this size, but after about 20 minutes, began feeling a little more comfortable.Busted...sucking her thumb!I put this picture in here for my mom and dad. Does this look like a blast from the past? I can remember eating many lunches on our boat growing up in that very same spot, with a Capri-Sun in hand! Trying my glasses on for size.