Sunday, August 2, 2009

God is great, beer is good and people are crazy!

This weekend, some of our friends headed down to the camp with us to enjoy the perfect weather. The lake water was so warm and we all had a really great time riding on the boat and relaxing around the campfire. Kayla and Libby enjoying their ice cream sandwiches at the dock in Peter's Cove. Now, that's Oreo ice cream sandwich on the boat dock.
Sarah and her baby. Me and my babyJill and her baby
Check out Kayla's face. What this poor child must have been thinking....
The boys decided that it'd be a good idea to try some dives off of the boat (hence the title of the blog entry!) JP on his way to a perfect "Belly Flop".Shawn's attempt for the biggest splash on record at Rough River. I think he might have had it.
Justin showing them all how it was done. He made a back flip look effortless. Ahh, to be young again.... Back at the camp, we blew up the jumper so the girls could burn the last bit of their energy before heading to bed. What a great weekend! Thanks for coming down, guys!


Drew&Samsmom said...

i'm sad that we missed it but my yardsale did rock!!