Saturday, February 9, 2008

Will's Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Will's first birthday party. It was a "sports ball" theme complete with football, soccer ball, baseball and basketball cookies. As we all know, one of Libby's favorite words is "ball"...she says "Kee-Kee Ball" everytime she sees a ball game on TV (Kee-Kee is her big cousin, Keaton). Above, Libby and Ally pose for a quick snap-shot.
Josh & Will get ready for a taste of his birthday cake.
Libby must have just told her daddy and Mema a joke.
All of the girls were playing house in Will's room (guess who was the baby??)
Mema and Libby watch Will open presents.

Libby watches Will open his presents from the best seat in the house (his four-wheeler). Just to clear up a few quetions that you might be asking...Libby has a confetti star on her face that she picked up from the table and what does she have on her arm? She took Will's new shirt from Clare and started to put it on. Silly girl! After we left the Banet's, we headed over to Gary's sister's house for Josie's 5th birthday. My camera batteries were dead by then, and Libby was getting tired and grouchy, so after dinner, we headed home before cake and presents. What a busy day!


The Cissells said...

It's too bad no one pays attention to Libby.

thebanetfamily said...

I know, poor little girl.