Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday, Gary, Libby and I got up early to go to Beech Grove to have breakfast with Santa and exchange Christmas presents with his Dad and Stepmother.
Here we are at the Beech Grove High School, enjoying our breakfast waiting to meet the big guy.
While we were waiting for Santa, Libby and her cousin, Raena, took a moment out of their breakfast to meet Mrs. Claus. We think we got a taste of how Libby's going to react next month when she sees the characters at Disney World! She never cried, but hid her head in her daddy's chest, covering her eyes and saying "I'm hiding from Santa". She was not too sure of him! She was so unsure that Daddy even had to hold her when they went to meet him! Sitting on his lap? You must be out of your mind! Daddy and Papa help Libby make her Rudolph magnet at the craft corner. After we finished the crafts, we went to an adorable puppet show in the auditorium. Libby sat on Papa's lap and sang and danced. She had a really great time!After the morning was over, we went back to Papa and Donna's house so we could open presents with the Heaths, Youngs and Banets. Libby had been wanting this "Little People" princess castle forever! She was so excited when she ripped the paper off and saw it!

Papa with two of his little girls, Josie and Libby.